Feathers & Driftwood

by Haruko

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Most of the basic tracks for the album were recorded by Susanne Stanglow in an old shooting alley in autumn 2011. Guitar and vocals were recorded live, everything else was added later. Song 6 & 7 recorded and mixed in ‘The Well ’ - all analog studio in Brighton in March 2011 by David Ringland. Song 1 is a homerecording made in Berlin in the winter of 2011. Additional recordings by

Alistair Strachan: trumpet on song 6
David Ringland: piano & double bass on song 6
Eli Fabrikant: violin on song 1 & 5
Erik Normann Aanonsen: bowed & plucked double bass on song 1 & 4, acoustic guitar on song 1
John E. Flamingeaux: piano on song 4
Adam Cohen: piano on song 2 & 3
Nadja Rüdebusch: backing vocals on song 3
H. Gudjonsson: electric guitar on song 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 8, e-bass on song 4 & 5, backing vocals on song 4
Susanne Stanglow: vocals, guitar, electric guitar, banjo, melodica, keyboard, field recordings on song 8

Mixed by Susanne Stanglow
Mastered by David Ringland

All songs written by Susanne Stanglow


released June 24, 2013



all rights reserved

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Track Name: Come Home
come home, come home my darling / i am wondering where you did go / the children are sitting at the window / they keep asking for you / come home, come home! the kettle's put on / i'll make you some tea and some cake / come home, come home! the water is warm / the children will sit on your lab / days have passed and weeks have passed and then months and years / the children still sit at the window but they stopped shedding their tears / and i stopped cooking dinner for four / and i stopped thinking of you / i thought my heart had found it's peace but now i think it's just gone cold / then one day you came back to us / i heard your footsteps on the floor / the children were asking "mother, who's the stranger at the door?" / and i closed the door and i closed my
heart / this is not your home anymore! when the dogs come out to hunt you i won't open the door
Track Name: Waves
darling you took me to the cliffs where the sun goes down / and you took my hand until the sun had gone / and when the night came and laid it's black coat around our eyes / oh my darling, with the sound of the waves you turned to silver dust and the waves took you away / last night i had a dream about you my dear / i saw your lips moving but the words i couldn't hear / but in the morning i listened to the sea / i sat still and then the ocean whispered to me and it said “what you long to keep will be taken from you until you've learned, until you've learned to let go / what you long to keep will be taken from you; just like the waves it comes and goes...
Track Name: There Is Love
come and feel my love on your skin / when i grabbed your arm i didn't want to hurt you / i just wanted to make sure that you're here with me / when i watch you sleeping next to me / i wish i was a part of your
dreams / but even more i want to be a part of your life as you are the most important one of mine / the ocean may consist of water and the sky is made of air / but in my heart beneath the flesh and blood there is something called love / i use to hear those damn scientists say / there are hormones that make us feel this way / but who the hell tells them when it's time to love - well dear scientists you haven't thought about that enough / the ocean may...
Track Name: Homeless
i fought for peace and i cried for happiness / and now i'm tired of all the tears / oh so tired of all the fighting / and i lay down down down in the snow, to die quietly in the cold / and i died a hundered silent deaths
'cause my heart couldn't breathe anymore / there were too many thorns in the flesh, too much poison in the gore / the wind can't take my pain away and the sun cannot light the dark in my heart / i left today / i packed a bag with the things that i need / some water and a bread and a seed / and i went to the river where i built a wooden boat and rowed to the coast / i found an island and i called it my own / i planted the seed and soon the tree had grown / and i made a house out of the wood and i called it my home / now the thorns have gone and the roses in my garden bloom
Track Name: Little Children
i used to sit on the roof when i was still small / my parents told to come down, come down, they told me i might fall / i'm not afraid of falling, i'm not afraid of heights / one must learn what it's like to fall when you want to learn to fly / i lead you into the wood / we danced and we smiled / i showed you places of my childhood / you told me i was still a child / and then you'd run into the dark just to scare me when i'd come running after / you would run into the dark just to scare me when i'd come running after / and i would sit upon a tree and watch you from above while you cry for me and you'd keep looking everywhere until i laugh and say
i'm here i'm up here / and then you’d run...
Track Name: My Brother's Hand
when i was a child i had this dream about my brother and me / in my dream we had to walk over a meadow that i was afraid to cross / as he stepped on the grass he suddenly turned to dust / i reached out my hand to hold him back but he faded away / he disappeared into the ground, a shadow was all i could hold / in our lives there are so many hands that are fading away but still we reach out for another hand, for another hand
to hold / fearless and strong i aim to be / weak and frightened that's what i am / in the morning i wake up, chased by a dream and at night i dream of the fears of day / a dream disappears just like my brother's hand but there is something that stays / a feeling, a memory, just a sense of fear
Track Name: Carousel
sleep, sleep my little baby / moonlight on the apple-trees / glow-worms on the little daisies / they light your sweet dreams / you're in the carousel, you're in the carousel, in the carousel of dreams now / you're in the carousel, in the carousel, in the carousel of dreams / where shiny ponies carry your sleepy, your sleepy little soul to moon / where shiny ponies carry your sleepy, your sleepy little soul to moon / you’re in the carousel...
Track Name: We'll Be Birds
come with me to the mountains where our hands can touch the sky / come with me to the green hills where the wild birds fly / come with me, oh come with me to where our hands can touch the sky / come with me, oh come with me to where our hands can touch the sky / let us climb on the hilltops where the babybirds learn to fly / we will learn it with them and spread our wings up against the sky / we'll fly away, we'll fly away like the birds do, like the birds do / fly away, we'll fly away like the birds do, like the birds do / we will rise to high mountains and sleep in the snow / we will rest our heads and dream and forget the cold / and then we will wake with frozen wings unable to fly / we'll have to wait until our last flight that won't take us to the sky / 'cause then we will rise, oh then we will rise to a heaven so high / then we will rise, oh then we will rise to a heaven so high