The Mountain Adventure

from by Haruko

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on my way to the mountains i felt like i'd lost a million dollars but all i lost was my heart / i think i gave it to you on my way but you didn't want it and you threw it away and i was lost and alone / in the noman's land with nothing in my hand but a little candle that i found in the sand and i cried cried cried / until the night had come and i had to find a place to sleep but the fog made me blind and i didn't know where to go / so i followed the traces of the dogs that led me to some giant rocks where i sang myself to sleep for a while / until i decided to walk another mile or another day but then i heard some voices say / lay down lay down we'll be your security / we think you should stay oh we know you should because the night is dangerous in the wood / and i said no let me go let me go / i am restless and i am sad and i'd rather be walking instead / then suddenly a hundered wolves came out of the dark / their jaws wide open like hungry sharks / and i said noone must get hurt tonight / noone has to die / let me go i'll be your friend / just let me go please let me go / they told me i could go away / they would turn around and i shouldn't stay / they would close their eyes i shouldn't hesitate / when they opened their eyes it would be too late / i ran as fast as i could / as they turned around i was hidden in the wood / but behind me i heard their mournful cry / and i prayed to god i didn't want to die / then suddenly i was surrounded by silence / so i sang a song for the mountains / they answered with an echo that grew louder / so loud that i could barely move / so i walked with my head between my shoulders / afraid that my ears would explode / and so i shouted and cried be quiet / today is not the day to die / i will beg on my knees / would you be quiet please / and then the wind came took the noise away / but still i had nowhere to stay / and i walked on and on until i came / until i came to a path that looked alright and i walked alone through the cold cold night and my heart filled up with loneliness / so i reached for the candle but what i found instead was a little glowworm's shining head who's light was hidden in the grass / i asked him if he could help me find back home he said yes and i did not feel so alone in this frightening dark anymore


from Wild Geese, released June 1, 2009



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